18 Nov Any Day On Set is a Good Day

I recently had a two-day shoot on one of my favorite TV shows. I was thrilled to be on set, watching other actors rehearse their scenes, experiencing the way that episode’s director communicated with actors. The sets were stunning, and my outfit was fabulous. It was wonderful. As we were going through rehearsal, I was very featured and interacted with the lead actor (whose work I LOVE). But right before we were about to shoot, the director switched me out with another actress because the color of my outfit just wasn’t working for the shot. Several members of the crew and other actors on set expressed sympathy that this had happened to me, as if they expected me to be terribly upset. While I can see how the situation could be disappointing, I didn’t feel disappointed. As an actor, I believe that I am there to serve the piece. I know that replacing me had to do with my wardrobe, and not with me or my acting abilities. I couldn’t take it personally because I didn’t believe it was personal.

The professional loves her work. She is invested in it wholeheartedly. But she does not forget that the work is not her. Her artistic self contains many works and many performances. Already the next is percolating inside her. The next will be better, and the one after that better still. -The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

They kept trying to find places to feature me and even considered having wardrobe provide another outfit for me to wear. And I realized, as I spent a full day on set without really being used in a scene, that I was still having a great time. I loved being in that environment. I loved the artistic process and the slight changes that happened with each take. I loved being a part of this day on set, whether I had twenty lines or zero lines. It was still a day of work. It was a great experience, and I got paid. I made contacts and chatted with some fascinating people. I watched the process of some of the actors I admire most, first-hand. And I enjoyed every minute of it. It was another affirmation that I am right where I need to be, doing exactly what I should be doing. It was a beautiful realization.

A horse that loves to run will beat a horse that's compelled, every day of the week. -Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

I sincerely love this endeavor.

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