16 Feb Hire A Ms!

I am so excited to announce that I am now the Database Coordinator for Ms. In the Biz! We are building a brand new database of awesome female filmmakers — cinematographers, directors, screen writers, editors, you name it.

When Helenna (the founder of Ms. In the Biz) announced that she wanted to build this database, I immediately jumped on board. I had already started my own list of awesome female crew members from when I was producing my short film, The Interview. For that project, I was specifically looking for a female Director and a female Cinematographer to help me tell a story about two female scientists. When the female DP I knew in L.A. wasn’t available for the shoot, I started asking around to see if other colleagues could recommend someone. I was shocked when half of the folks I asked said that they DIDN’T KNOW ANY FEMALE CINEMATOGRAPHERS.

Thankfully, I ended up receiving several wonderful recommendations in a short period of time, and was thrilled to bring a female DP on board. But searching for someone was a surprisingly difficult experience. Now, we will be providing a public database FILLED with talented women who can fill crew positions! And I think that’s pretty awesome 🙂

hire a ms

If you are a female filmmaker who is interested in being a part of this database, please email hireams@msinthebiz.com with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your filmmaker job title
  • Where you are located
  • A url to your website or IMDb page
  • Your Twitter handle, if you use Twitter


And if you’re looking for awesome crew members, the page will be live HERE!

Thanks so much! Let’s keep empowering women and help create the Hollywood WE want to be a part of!

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