13 Oct It’s the Journey

The entertainment industry is a very difficult business to break into. There are sensational success stories about individuals who had never worked an acting job before getting cast as a lead in a TV show or movie, but those are incredibly rare occurrences. Often the “overnight success” stories are covering up a decade or more of diligent hard work. There is common advice given to actors that if you can do ANYTHING else, do it. Meaning, if your soul isn’t telling you that this is the only path that can make you happy, you’d be better off doing something else. Something less difficult. Something more stable, with less heartache and self-doubt. Something you have more control over.

And I get that. I understand the frustration, the seeming lack-of-control, the impenetrable gatekeepers who seemingly keep actors from working. But do you know what’s strange? I’m finding that I actually like this part. I like the hustle, the puzzle and mystery of it all. I like exploring new strategies, going down paths I never could’ve imagined, and challenging my creativity. I like looking at where I am and really thinking about where I would like to go. I like dreaming.

Bonnie Gillespie frequently says something to the effect of “nobody’s career is ending tomorrow.” Meaning, the relationships you are cultivating are LONG TERM. The steps you are taking forward DO make a difference, even if it isn’t an instant result. Once you settle in to being in this industry for the long haul, everything becomes less about what happens immediately and more about…dare I say it… building a LIFE.

I’m finding I’m really enjoying taking workshops, finding new classes, chatting with peers and mentors alike, and prepping to produce my first short. I love continuing to explore who I am as an actress and finding like-minded people to create with. I delight in watching new shows and dreaming about the role I could play on them. It’s fun to imagine the day when I’ll be a different character every month, on different shows, in different worlds. I like envisioning the time when I’ll have years to develop a character and flesh out their life experiences on several seasons of a TV show. Right now, that is all wide open. And if ‘someday’ is when I’m 40, I’m still enjoying now. I enjoy the people in my life and working to make things happen. I enjoy dreaming.

I’m not going anywhere, for the simple reason that I like this part 🙂

It’s not the destination. It’s the journey.

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