02 Feb Objects in Motion Stay in Motion

One of the largest projects you can take on as an actor is writing and producing content that is perfect for YOU. It is a surefire way to get to play the types of roles you want to be playing, but it is also a lot of work.

When I finally bit the bullet and decided to dive in producing my first short, everyone told me that as soon as I set a shoot schedule, other things would pop up. Sure, I thought, that’d be nice. Bring it on.

I didn’t realize how right they were.

When I got my director and other lead actress on board, we discovered that we had 11 days until a shoot day that worked for all of us. 11 days for me to get the rest of the crew on board, find a location, take care of craft services, and complete every other tiny detail that goes into producing a film. So OF COURSE other work popped up.

That week, I got sent out on my first commercial audition in months, AND landed a callback. Yes, both auditions were in the week before my short film shoot.

I received 3 Cmail notifications from Actors Access for additional auditions that had to be self taped and submitted before the end of the weekend.

I went from babysitting 1 family to babysitting 3 families (hey, I’ve gotta pay rent, right?)

Two of my dear friends were in town visiting from Seattle. One of my FAVORITE networking events (Bonnie Gillespie’s Thirsty Third Thursday) was scheduled. (I wasn’t able to make either of those get-togethers work, by the way… pre production was too time & energy consuming.)

Okay, Universe. Lesson learned. If I sit on the couch and wait for opportunities to come my way, I’ll be waiting for a while. But if I get up and DO something, things will materialize and be sent my way. Awesome.

I already knew that when I am busier, I tend to find even MORE time to be productive, and when I’m totally free I tend to veg out. But what I discovered is that when you’re that busy, getting other people on board, combining our energies and collaborating, you end up vibrating at a higher frequency. It is an incredible feeling of propelling forward, problem solving, and truly getting stuff done. Unfortunately that energy level is not sustainable over a terribly long period of time, but for that month it was wonderful and it called more of the same to me. And I found that not only do I enjoy it, but also I really need those high frequency moments to boost my career, enthusiasm, and momentum throughout the year.

Here’s to staying in motion in the New Year!

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  • Amanda Lynn Petrin
    Posted at 21:50h, 02 February

    Sarah, after recognizing your face from Bonnie’s groups, I read an article you wrote for msinthebiz. They mentioned you had a website, so I have spent my evening reading every post in your blog, and will be checking out your youtube videos tomorrow. SO much of what you wrote was either a realization I had made as well, or something I desperately needed to be reminded. I want to thank you so much for sharing, I will keep reading and will definitely be praising you in my next blog post. Also, you should have a share button at the bottom of your posts, because some of your entries, I just wanted to share with the world! Thank you again 🙂

    • Sarah J Eagen
      Posted at 10:19h, 03 February

      Thank you so much, Amanda! I’m so glad my article strike a chord with you 🙂 A share button is an excellent suggestion, I’ll look into it! All the best
      Xo Sarah