16 Mar Sarah in the Press – The Groundlings!

The wonderful journalist Megan Kennedy wrote up a piece in my hometown newspaper about me taking classes at The Groundlings! You can see the original piece here 🙂


Act Two

In her short time since moving to L.A., actress Sarah J. Eagen, of Rochester, has been making quite the name for herself. Now, she’s gotten in on the ground floor of the prestigious comedy group The Groundlings.

Eagen took a workshop with Gary Austin, founder of the Groundlings, in Seattle a couple years ago, and she started classes with them in February.

The professional actor track of classes has three levels (everyone must go through them all).

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“I’ve heard that only about 25 percent of students pass from the first level (basic) to the second (intermediate) in any given class,” Eagen said. “You can take each level three times to try to pass. You can also audition up to three times to get into the first level.” (Sarah passed on her first try!)

Once people pass the third level (advanced), they can take upper level writing labs and advanced labs, get asked to perform in the Sunday Company and eventually the Main company.

“I’m thrilled to have gotten into the professional actor track of classes at The Groundlings,” Eagen said. “I’m following in the footsteps of comedy geniuses that I deeply admire — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Lisa Kudrow and so many others.

“The teachers are phenomenal, and the school does a great job of honing an actor’s skill, facilitating us to make smarter, funnier choices that help tell the story better,” she said. “The classes have been amazing so far, I can’t wait to see where this training takes me.”

Megan Kennedy is a longtime midday radio personality on KROC-FM. Seen & Heard highlights local people with interesting stories.

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