29 Sep What I Learned From My 1st 100-Day Challenge

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve spent the last couple of months completing my first ever 100-Day Challenge, a concept inspired by this article from Bonnie Gillespie. So I got myself an accountability partner (thanks, Mom!), thought about where I would like to be in 100 days, and set some goals. Here’s how it turned out:

Goal 1: Work Out 5 days/ week.

Result: Out of the 14.3 weeks, there was only 1 week when I did not accomplish this goal (only worked out 3 times that week…although my Mom pointed out that I also worked out 6 times a couple of the weeks)

What I learned: My workouts have always been sporadic at best. I was very active growing up and even through college with dance and fastpitch softball, so there was no need to schedule workouts into my day- they were built in! How easy was it to stay motivated when I had a strict ballet teacher or a team of girls working along side me!

I didn’t really think this goal was realistic, but I started holding myself accountable and even used a sticker reward system. (Seriously, every day that I worked out, I got to put a sticker on the calendar. How fun!?) I found that I began to really enjoy/look forward to/rely on my near-daily workouts. It was time just for me. It was time to clear my head or work out a problem. For the most part, my workouts took the form of morning runs or For The Glow workouts. I found that this fueled my productivity for the rest of the day, inspired me to eat healthier and helped me sleep better. Wow! How can I ever go back?

Goal 2: Create 20 Pieces of Content (including blog posts, 99s videos, etc)

Result: I completed 12 blog posts, posted almost daily on my actress FB page, and completely redesigned and repopulated my website!

What I learned: I can’t really decide if I met my goal for this one, but I’ve realized that I don’t really care — the important thing is that creating content consistently has become a part of what I do and will continue to do. I’ve learned to trust my voice and that it is important to continue to put things out there if for no other reason than to keep the wheels turning.

Goal 3: Set Myself Up to Book Network TV this Episodic Season

Result: I took several CD workshops, have sent out mailings, communicated regularly with my agent, kept up with industry news regarding new shows, and designed and launched a snazzy new website. I’ve also established new relationships with a several peers in the industry.

What I learned: This is another result that is difficult to measure. While I cannot directly control whether I get called in to audition and eventually book the role, I am very happy with my productivity in this area. Because I feel comfortable with the steps I’ve taken, I’m now ready to explore further ways to book the work I want to be doing!

Overall, what I’ve gotten out of this 100-Day challenge was establishing good habits. I’m definitely going to continue the sticker/workout system and keep putting out content regularly. Also, maintaining my industry relationships has become second nature. These things no longer feel like effort, they are just a given part of what I do for my career. And having an accountability partner was key. Not only did I have someone I reported to on a weekly basis about my progress towards my goals, I also found myself being motivated simply by knowing my actions were helping to motivate her. Very cool.

Will I do another 100-Day challenge? Absolutely. In fact, I already have my next goal picked out — producing my first short film! Wish me luck 🙂

Have you ever done a 100 Day Challenge? Are you thinking about starting one? What goals are you working towards? I’d love to hear from you!

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