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I had a little trouble “showing up” today. I’m sure most actors experience this at one point or another — the sluggishness I feel because I don’t have a deadline, agenda, or boss telling me what to do. Some days it’s just difficult to get motivated. If I’m between projects and don’t have to be on set at any certain time, it is all too easy to let time pass without getting much done.

But there is always so much that can be done to work towards my goals. There are always personal artistic projects I can move forward on, meetings I can take, research I can do. I can practice my guitar (which I am loving, by the way!). I can brainstorm characters with acting/writing friends. I particularly love this detailed list of work that can always be done from casting director/author/goddess Bonnie Gillespiehttp://bit.ly/11FRYwp

Wow. Lots of work, right? And if I’m between projects, that usually means I have some sort of survival job to keep myself afloat. Who has the time for two fulltime jobs? But I’m learning that no matter what, I have to make time. And it never goes away. Most of the time, acting is a 7-day-a-week job and it is essential that I show up every day, even when I don’t feel like it. That is what it means to be a professional.

What are the qualities that define us as professionals? (via theWarofArt)

  1. We show up every day
  2. We show up no matter what
  3. We stay on the job all day
  4. We are committed over the long haul.
  5. The stakes for us are high and real.
  6. We accept remuneration for our labor.
  7. We do not overidentify with our jobs.
  8. We master the technique of our jobs.
  9. We have a sense of humor about our jobs.
  10. We receive praise or blame in the real world.

I love this list from the theWarofArt, because it reminds me of so many things I tend to lose sight of in my day-to-day shuffle. I particularly appreciate #1-4, and #9 🙂 I truly believe acting is the best job in the world, and the fact that I get to work at the thing I love every single day is something I should celebrate!

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